Solymár's Zazzi pastry shop was founded in 2005 by Zsófia Csanda, Dr. Melinda Erdős and Margit Varga. Our specialtities are French-style fruit, chocolate and caramel mousses and cakes which are hard to find elsewhere in Hungary. Besides these, our customers can find both traditionally home-made pastries and the well-known Hungarian-style desserts, such as the Dobos cake, the krémes, the Eszterházy cake or the lúdláb, on the menu.

The essence of our culinary philosophy is the use of top-quality ingredients - fresh fruits, pure chocolate etc. - and the artisanal techniques. Our aim is to introduce delicious, unique and visually pleasing desserts to our much-valued customers.

We hope that we can greet you among our guests soon. Bon appétit!